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About Hillcrest Pharmacy

Hillcrest Pharmacy wants to save you time and money! Rather than going to the pharmacy every month, Hillcrest Pharmacy allows you to fill 6 months of your medication.  Visit our extended day supply program page to learn more. We want to save you time and money! You can also come into the pharmacy and fill other medications as well. We bill your insurance, just not on the extended day supply medications.

How does it work?

It's easy:


  1. Your Doctor sends us a prescription.

  2. We call you for Payment.​

  3. We mail you the medication.​

  4. You save time and money!

Frequently asked questions

Do I pay for shipping?

No, Hillcrest Pharmacy uses the United States Postal Service. All prescriptions are delivered within 3-5 business days of requesting the prescription.

Do you bill my insurance?

Yes and no. If we do the extended day supply medications your insurance will not be billed.

How do I transfer my prescription to you?

There are two ways to do this. Call us and give us your RX information (RX Number, Pharmacy where it is currently located, Pharmacy phone number, Drug Name, Your name and D.O.B). Or have your doctor send in a prescription to Hillcrest Pharmacy in Midvale Utah. They can send it in electronically, fax, or they can call it in.

My Medication is not on the Extended Day Supply Program, can you fill my other medications?

Yes, if we are billing your insurance you will have to pick those medications up in store. However, if you opt not to bill your insurance we can send your medications to you!

Patient Privacy Practices

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